Our nursing program requires graduate students to submit papers in both AMA and APA. Recently students have been having difficulty with Write-N-Cite 4 and switching between the two styles. Does anyone have advice or steps to share?

Thank you

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Hi, I agree, it can be tricky - it would be great if the login code carried over favourite styles or something - we use an institutional style which is even harder - our students have to "select other style" from the drop down in word and then filter to group styles and then they can see all the styles I have listed for our institution in refworks - bit cumbersome but does get them to the three styles we use here.  Does that help at all?  

AMA and APA both appear in my WNC toolbar as popular styles thoughso should just be a case of switching between the two using the drop-down?  Or are the fields different so the references are getting confused?  I'm not familiar with AMA as we use APA and Harvard (and OSCOLA)

Ideally, this should not be an issue you are encountering with RefWorks. I would suggest contacting support@refworks-cos.com if this problem persists. They will be able to help you resolve this issue. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

The RefWorks Team 

Recently, I've seen several instances when only one output style appeared in the default output style drop-down list.  Other styles have had to be obtained through "select other style".   Not a real problem; just a change from my past experience with WNC 4.

The only real problem we've experienced with switching from AMA to APA and vice versa is continued superscripting of an in-text citation or two after AMA in-text citations are changed to APA in-text citations.  Each errant in-text citation can be selected and the Word superscript button can be clicked until a citation is successfully un-superscripted.   It's annoying, but it's a problem that I find that even the less technically savvy RefWorks trainees are willing to tackle.




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