Hi, I sent the below to RefWorks email support but wondered if any other RefWorks admins could advise on the below ?

Please can you advise if there is anyway of using Write-n-Cite with a local installed version of Office 365 (though I assume this is still cloud-based?).  Internet sites are stating that this is not possible but I wanted to confirm with yourselves.  This alternative option seems to be the only possibility?  http://www.refworks.com/refworks2/help/Using_One_Line_Cite_View.htm

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Something else of interest related to this that we've discovered here....

if you get students saying they cannot use WNC within word, and they have recently purchased a new version of Word 2013 downloaded from Office 365, then, rather than the WNC version that we currently point students to to download the software (2013 version), they must use the newest WNC version (09/14).

So even if they have Office 365, if they have purchased a licence and then downloaded and installed word 2013 through this, they have a local install so the latest version of WNC will work (not sure why the version we recommend which is the straight RefWorks tab without flow won't work but that's another matter! It works fine with the word 2013 version on our network)




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